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Slim Thermostat (SN-4)

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Slim Thermostat (SN-4). Because of its Slim Design Slim Thermostat (SN-4) can be easily mounted on places where less space is required.

The Slim series of bimetal temperature controls offers proven reliability in a compact, versatile, cost-effective design. The snap-action of the bimetal disc provides high-speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 4 amps at 230VAC (100,000 cycles). The quality, reliability, affordability, versatility of the Slim Series makes it the thermostat of choice for a wide variety of temperature control applications.

SN-4 of Utiliti controls is a product which is the slimest of disc thermostats. It is just 4 mm thick. It is just 18.2mm X 12.4 mm in size. 100% factory inspected for continuity, function and contact resistance PPS( polyproplene sulphide) base provides: low cost, high temperature capability, clean processing, high impact strength, low static generation.

  • Snap action disc
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • Low cost
  • Long contact life
  • Compact, slim design

  • Electrical Heating Pads
  • Electrical Blankets
  • Wax Heaters
  • Food Warmers
  • Milk Bottle Warmers
  • Heat sink protection
  • Other Small Appliances

  • Maximum Voltage : 230VAC
  • Max Current( For non-inductive loads) : 4A
  • Max Temp : 160 Deg C
  • Max operating cycles : 1,00,000

We also provide this model for inductive loads for bulk orders

  • Dielectric Strength : 1500 VAC, rms, 60 cycles for 1 minute, terminal to case
  • Ambient Temperature Range : 50oC to 160oC
  • Differential : 10 deg, 15 deg, 20 deg

  • SN-4 comes in a standard M0 cover made up of stainless steel

The SN-4 comes with a stanndard terminal which can crimped to a wire.
  • S : Standard terminal
  • N : Flat type terminals

Terminal direction
The standard terminal can be riveted in two ways.
  • N : terminal flanges at the top
  • R : Terminal flanges at the bottom

Selection Code
  • SN-4/NC(8)/110(3)/100(5)/S(N)

Temperature setting can be given as per requirement

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