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Motor Protector (SN-1)

Motor Protector (SN-1)

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Motor Protector (SN-1). The Motor Protector (SN-1) is a flexible protection device and is available at affordable process. The Motor Protector (SN-1) is used extensively used in various applications such as electric motor, battery pack and electrical windings.

The Utilitis SN-1 delivers the maximum protection in the smallest package at an excellent price. It’s the most reliable on the market, backed by the leading innovators in protection technology. Each SN-1 temperature rating has a bimetal disc specifically manufactured for that rating. Each device is then calibrated and checked for opening temperature. This results in optimum snap–acting open and reset characteristics necessary to achieve consistent performance over the required cycle life.  The Utilitis bimetal disc welded in a steel can provides excellent thermal sensitivity and maximum protection properties. 

  • Compact, miniature size
  • Individually temperature checked on modern, custom-designed equipment
  • Positive make and break with snap–action disc
  • Repeatable temperature performance over life
  • Gasketed PPS case suitable for most impregnation processes
  • Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility and application
  • Wide selection of leads

  • Shaded pole motors
  • Permanent split capacitor motors
  • Fluorescent lighting ballasts
  • HID ballasts
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Battery packs
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Transformers
  • Automotive accessory motors
  • Solenoids
  • PC boards

Lighting Protection
The SN-1 thermal protector is the world leader for protection in lighting applications. Offering extremely high reliability and performance at an economical cost, the SN-1 protector is ideal for fluorescent lighting ballasts, HID ballasts, recessed lighting fixtures, and other lighting products that require protection against overheating. 

Electrical and Thermal Protection
Utiliti Controls SN-1 is one of the lowest cost, most versatile protection devices on the market. This compact device combines temperature and current into a package designed to protect electric motors, transformers, recessed lighting, fluorescent ballasts, and battery packs. It is available in a wide variety of wire lead configurations, which can be customized for ease of installation. The SN-1 series of protectors offers rechargeable battery-pack protection with Utilitis dual–function over temperature as well as short circuit bimetal protectors that are self–resetting. The SN-1 series are typically used for protecting battery charger outputs and high-current battery packs (ie. Military, UPS). The SN-1 can handle up to 16VDC and 12 amps under certain conditions and is available with a wide variety of open temperatures and short circuit sensitivities. 

Motor Protection
  • The universal SN-1 series motor protector is our most popular product, and though it is slightly larger than the 8mm it has a contact rating of up to 12 amps

Selection Code
  • SN-1/NC(8)/110(5)/90(10)/XLPE(70)
  • XLPE cable of standard 70mm length

Other lengths available upon request.

Performance Characteristics

Rated Voltage 125 Vac / 250 Vac
Dimensions 20.2 x 10.8 x 4.9 mm (including terminals)
Current Range 10A (at 10 s trip-time)
Life 10,000 cycles / 8 A / 250 Vac
Maximum Contact Ratings 16 VDC at 20 amps
@ 10K cycles 120 VAC at 22 amps
277 VAC at 8 amps
600 VAC at 4 amps
Open Temperature 40oC to 160oC in increments of 5 oC
Temperature Tolerance 5oC
Seal High-seal and low-seal gasket material available
Maximum Ambient Temperature Continuous: open-temperature +10oC
Vibration Military standard 202F, Method 204D, Test Condition D (20g peak)
Corrosion Resistance 48 hours at 35oC in 5% salt environment (ASTM B117)
Humidity 95% relative humidity, 50oC : 7 days
Thermal Shock -20oC / +150oC, each for 30 minutes / 5 cycles

Selection Code Chart and Specifications

Selection Code Chart and Specifications

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