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Miniature Thermostat (SN-9)

We are one of the foremost Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Miniature Thermostat (SN-9). The Miniature Thermostat (SN-9) provides high speed contact separation resulting in outstanding life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 8 amps. The Miniature Thermostat (SN-9) offered by us are well known for their reliability, compact size, versatile and cost effective design.

SN-9 of Utiliti controls is a product which is the smallest of disc thermostats. It is just 5mm X 14.5 mm in size. 100% factory inspected for continuity, function and contact resistance. PPS( polyproplene sulphide) base provides: low cost, high temperature capability, clean processing, high impact strength.

Designed for single- and threeâphase motors. Protects against overheating on all running conditions including: running overloads, increased ambient temperature, blocked motor ventilation, line voltage fluctuation, locked rotor, short circuit conditions etc.

Motor Protection
As a motor winding thermostat, the SN-9 can be mounted conveniently on the end turns of the motor windings. The small size and variety of available brackets afford flexibility in the method of attaching the thermostat. The hermetic construction allows the thermostat to withstand dipping and baking operations on the windings.
Automatic and Manual Reset
Automatic or manual reset systems may be obtained using these thermostats with either manual or automatic type motor starters. When more than one motor winding thermostat is used, they should be connected in series so that the opening of any one thermostat will actuate the controller and shut down the motor.

  • Small in size
  • High current carrying capacity of 10A at 230V
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Snap action disc
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • Low cost
  • Long contact life
  • Compact, slim design
  • Available with / without mounting bracket

  • Electrical Heating Pads
  • Electrical Blankets
  • Wax Heaters
  • Food Warmers
  • Milk Bottle Warmers
  • Heat sink protection
  • Other Small Appliances
  • Water Temperature Control
  • Battery Packs
  • Medical Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Maximum Voltage : 230VAC
  • Max Current( For non-inductive loads) : 8A
  • Max Temp : 160 Deg C
  • Max operating cycles : 1,00,000

We also provide this model for inductive loads for bulk orders.

  • Dielectric Strength : 1500 VAC, rms, 60 cycles for 1 minute, terminal to case
  • Ambient Temperature Range : 10 Deg, 15 Deg, 20 Deg, 50oC to 160oC
  • Differential : 15 Deg, 20 Deg, 40 Deg
  • Contact Resistance : 1250 VAC, rms, 60 cycles for 1 minute, terminal to case, per MIL-STD-202, Method 301
  • Dielectric Strength : 5â2000 Hz, 20G, per MIL-STD-202, Method 204 Condition D (unmonitored) (For high vibration applications, refer to the M1)
  • Vibration Resistance : 100G, 6 milliseconds, per MIL-STD-202, Method 213
  • Shock Resistance

  • SN-9 comes in a standard M0 cover made up of aluminium

Mounting Style
  • M0 : Without bracket
  • P : PPS Bracket for surface mounting
  • B : Mild steel Bracket
  • T : Teflon wire crimped

  • The SN-9 comes with a stanndard terminal which can crimped to a wire
  • S : Standard terminal

Selection Code
  • SN-9/NC(8)/110(3)/100(5)/S/M0/T/70

Temperature setting can be given as per requirement

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